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Which towns are your favorites? How are sale prices trending there? Together, we'll keep track of day to day changes with an auto-updating search specific to your needs and goals. I'll set the right expectations to guide you in all phases- offer/negotiations, home inspection, mortgage approval; getting you to the settement table in record time. My 35 years' experience may be your best resource! 

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Supply and demand are key in how homes are priced and what they'll see for. And no matter the market, buyers usually determine value-in up or down markets. Let's keep an eye on it!

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Please reach me at Lesley@LesleyKirsch.com to discuss your questions, set up an auto-updating search, linking you directly to all new listings, price adjustments. I've got it all right here!

My name is Debbie and Lesley was my realtor when I sold my home in Audubon NJ and moved to Mullica Hill. Lesley and I worked together for many, many years, as I was on again-off again about selling my home. We listed and then took off the market, listed again, and again took off the market - mainly because of family issues.  When we finally committed to selling, Lesley was very good about providing comps, intel on the market and the surrounding areas, and walking me through the whole process. Since she also lived in my area, she was very knowledgeable, extremely patient with me, and actually went the extra mile to help with little projects and surprises around the home for me!! Due to the fact that she lived close by, and we had such a long relationship, we have become friends, and there's nothing better than working with your friends!! Lesley is smart, funny, and GREAT at what she does!! She was professional, helpful, compassionate and kind, and yet let me know when I wanted something that just wasn't going to happen. She guided me through a very difficult sell, and then the purchase of our new home. I highly recommend using Lesley!

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